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Tolgus Mill has been described as a national treasure. An authentic & unique mill which for hundreds of years processed tin ore. After full commercial production ceased, the mill was conserved and preserved by various groups, including Madame Tussauds and the Trevithick Trust. The mill continues to be presented as one of the most important industrial heritage sites in Cornwall and attracts considerable interest from mining historians world wide.

The mill is housed in a complex of small buildings with connected roofs - a motley collection of corrugated sheet roofs and walls, wood on timber frames, and block - original and special and containing a surprise.  Within the mill there are many very ingenious and intriguing machines, still in their original working situation, including some of the last remaining examples of this historic technology.

1. Tolgus Tin Company. Postcard. 1970s.03

The heart of the mill is the 12 headed set of Cornish stamps - standing where they have for well over a hundred years, and now restored to working order and driven by a water wheel. It is believed these are the only known authentic working Cornish stamps left in Europe.

There are shaking tables, a round table, water wheels, dipper wheels, launders, rake classifier, pulverisor, slime pits and other quite wonderful authentic machines, all housed in the original buildings.

Visitors will find a good selection of these machines are still running, some by the power of water wheels and others through electricity.

A series of interpretation boards and knowledgeable staff not only help to explain the process but also give an insight into the amazing world of the Cornish hard rock miner and tin dresser.

We do hope that you enjoy this web site. But most of all, we look forward to meeting you at  Tolgus Mill where you will experience a quite unique glimpse into the past.

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Tolgus Mill, New Portreath Road, Redruth, Cornwall, TR16 4HN. U.K.